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  • Dawn Waye CPM

    Dawn Waye CPM

    COO, Edison Equity Residential


  • Lisa Clark

    Lisa Clark

    CAM, Caps

    President of Apartment Operations, Olympus Property Management


  • Jodi Spurrell

    Jodi Spurrell

    Excecutive Vice President, WAK Management

    Vice President

  • Debra Claytor

    Debra Claytor

    COO, American Landmark


  • Jeremy Thomason

    Jeremy Thomason


    Managing Principal, Convolo Capital


  • Matt Jones

    Matt Jones

    Regional Vice President, AMLI Residential

    Immediate Past President

  • Char McCurdy CAPS, ARM

    Char McCurdy CAPS, ARM


    President, Summit Property Management

    Past President

  • Ian Mattingly CPM

    Ian Mattingly CPM

    President, Luma Residential

    Past President

  • Lori Bush

    Lori Bush

    Executive VP of Property Management, W3 Luxury Living

    Past President

  • Charles Stroud

    Charles Stroud

    President , Stroud Consulting Group

    PSC Advisory

  • Danielle Keck

    Danielle Keck

    Rasa Floors

    PSC Chair


  • Julie Agne-Highsmith

    Julie Agne-Highsmith

    Vice President, AG Living LLC

  • Brenda Carpenter

    Brenda Carpenter

    Executive Vice President , M F I - McMahan's Flooring Inc

  • Sergio Chidichimo

    Sergio Chidichimo

    Partner, Apartment Association of Greater Dallas

  • Shannon Cleveland

    Shannon Cleveland

    Vice President of Marketing , Precision Appliance Leasing

  • Jeff Duerstock

    Jeff Duerstock


    Vice President of Sales, Red Elephant

  • Bob Duff

    Bob Duff

    Chadwell Supply

  • Sandy Garza

    Sandy Garza

    Area Vice President, Simpson Housing

  • Staci Hasman

    Staci Hasman


    Regional Property Manager, Cushman and Wakefield, PPMS

  • Patton Locke

    Patton Locke

    National Sales and Performance Director , AMLI Residential

  • Bill McCurdy

    Bill McCurdy

    Vice President of Operations , Pappas Roofing and Construction

  • Kourtney Miller

    Kourtney Miller

    Sales & Business Development Manager, Century HVAC Distributing, L.P.

  • Jennifer Nagel

    Jennifer Nagel

    Property Supervisor, Greystar Real Estate Partners

  • Traci Nau, CAS

    Traci Nau, CAS

    CAS, Leadership Lycuem

    Business Development Executive, RiskRelease

  • Susan O'Brien- Garner

    Susan O'Brien- Garner

    Principal Partner, On Point Promotional Team

  • Carl Pankratz

    Carl Pankratz

    President and Managing Director, Blackacre Commercial

  • Jay Parmelee

    Jay Parmelee


    Vice President, Willow Bridge Property Company

  • Laura A Reese-Williams CAS

    Laura A Reese-Williams CAS


    Executive VP, ALN Apartment Data

  • Bradley Roschyk

    Bradley Roschyk

    CAM, CAPS, NAAEI Faculty

    Senior Training Director, Berkshire Residential Investments

  • Cara Talafuse

    Cara Talafuse

    VP of Operations, Fath Properties

  • Megan Thornburg

    Megan Thornburg


    Director of National Accounts, WeDoTrash

  • Jessica Vo

    Jessica Vo

    VP of Sales, Comm-Fit

  • Antoinette Williams

    Antoinette Williams

    VP of Operations, Luma Residential