Membership Management

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2024 Sponsorship Opportunities

Our 2024 Sponsorships are now available to be reserved. Please view our Sponsorship Packet for full details. Diamond Sponsors can be bid on here during our online auction from now until 4 pm on October 26th, 2023. All other sponsorhips are available on a first come, first reserved basis....

Date posted 10/23/2023

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2024 AAGD Membership Dues

2024 AAGD Membership Structure & Annual Billing Owner/Management Company Members: Owner/Management Company(s) are the primary member and must be a member in good standing for any property to join. Renewals are performed on an anniversary calendar. Inhertied Properties: Member Properties are...

Date posted 10/16/2023

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Texas Apartment Association Dues Increase

As an AAGD member, your company is a member of the Texas Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association. AAGD pays membership dues to TAA and NAA on your behalf. A TAA Pass Thru Dues Increase will go into effect beginning January 2023 affecting Owners, Management Companies, and...

Date posted 07/24/2023

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Display Your Decal

Show your AAGD Membership with Pride! Display Your Decal and share on Social. Tips & Tricks for the perfect photo listed here.

Date posted 04/14/2022

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AAGD 2022 Membership Dues

All increases in dues reflect the National Apartment Association's dues increases. The details of their 5-year dues increase program can be found here. 2022 Dues Breakdown Cost O/M Member Dues $250.00 If O/M Sustaining Member +$1,000 Property Dues 100 units or less $0 + #...

Date posted 08/6/2021

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How To Use Event Directories

AAGD has an event member directory for each of its large events. These directories display both the companies and individuals who registered for the event. Below we have outlined how to access and use the event directories. The event directory is a closed directory to the members that are...

Date posted 05/1/2021

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How To Manage Your Owner/Management Company Membership

The Apartment Association of Greater Dallas represents 1,000 Owner/Management Companies Members. These members own, operate, and/or develop residential properties and/or multifamily communities in the Greater Dallas market; see the eleven counties we represent. Annual Member Dues are $250 per...

Date posted 08/13/2020

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How To Login To AAGD Website

As an employee of a member company, you can access your membership benefits by logging into the AAGD website. If you have not logged in before or are unsure if you have a login to the AAGD website, follow the instructions below. How to login: Follow this link. Enter your email and follow...

Date posted 08/13/2020

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Managing Your Member Property Portfolio

Managing Your Member Property Portfolio Have you recently taken over the management of an AAGD member property? Did you recently aquire a new property and need to add it to your member account? Are you opeing a lease-up and need to register the new property with AAGD? Below are the instructions...

Date posted 08/13/2020

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How To Manage Your Supplier Company Membership

The Apartment Association of Greater Dallas represents 700 Supplier Partner Members. These members provide products, services, and supplies to residential properties and/or multifamily communities in the Greater Dallas market; see the eleven counties we represent. As a supplier, you have...

Date posted 08/12/2020

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Welcome to the New AAGD Website

Welcome to our new website! We have a brand new look and updated our technology in an effort to better serve all our members. We hope that you'll enjoy it as much as we do. In order to get the most out of your member experience, you will need to create a new login. Your previous username and...

Date posted 08/1/2020

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Notice of Change for Membership Structure & Dues Billing

This is an important notice of a change to all our members to inform all Owners, Management Companies, and Suppliers of our Membership Structure & NEW Dues Billing process. This structure will take effect immediately for all new members and will go into effect October 1, 2020 for all renewal...

Date posted 07/31/2020

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