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For any questions regarding membership with AAGD, contact Membership Services: or call our team 972-739-9508. This page is for new members, current member can manage their profiles by logging into our member compass. Already A Member? Learn how to manage your membership here. 


Please Read Instructions Carefully.
Choose this only if your management company, owner, or independent rental owner is already a member and you have acquired or opened a new property in the Greater Dallas market; see the eleven counties we represent.

Owner/Management Company Membership is required and must be an approved member prior to submitting a property application. All properties receive an inherited membership via the Owner/Management Company Membership. Properties can not be a sole member without an Owner/Management Company Membership (Parent Company, annual dues of $250). To submit a form for an Owner/ Management Company membership scroll down to the Owner/ Management Company application. 

All details on the Property application should be for the property. You will be prompted to add your owner/management company (Parent Company) later in the form. 

This form should only be submitted if the property is new to the Apartment Association ( meaning new build or was not a member prior to acquiring under a different Management Company).

If the property is already part of AAGD please contact us via email to to submit a management company change. 

Property Inheriting Member Benefits:

Property Inheriting Member Dues: Properties inherit the membership benefits via their Owner/ Management Membership. Owner/ Management Company Membership Dues need to be paid as well as the per Property Dues for a company to be in good standing. (All properties owned or managed by a company within our service area are required to be an inheriting member in good standing).

Tier 1: Property with 100 units or less(# of units * $1.87) = Annual Property Dues 

Tier 2: Property 101 units or more(# of units * $1.57) $75 = Annual Property Dues

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Choose this if you provide products and/or services to the apartment industry.

Member Benefits:
  • National Apartment Association & Texas Apartment Association Members 
  • Only Supplier members can sponsor and attend meetings, events, and networking opportunities
  • Access to certified NAAEI Credential Programs
  • A basic company profile on our online supplier guide, upgrades available for purchase
  • Conference rooms & training center rental opportunities
  • Advocacy at the local, state, and federal from our Government Affairs Team
  • Ability to purchase our Member List

New Member Dues: $471 + $75 Set Up Fee

Join as Supplier

Owner/Management Company

Please Read Instructions Carefully.

Choose this if you own/operate/develop residential properties and/or multifamily communities in the Greater Dallas market; see the eleven counties we represent. If you are an IRO (Independent Rental Owner) - please sign up as an owner/management company as well. Individual Properties should sign up under the Property member type only (listed above).

Owner/Management Company Membership is required and must be approved before submitting a property application. When submitting a new application, properties will be added after membership approval. Your Management Company's entire Greater Dallas portfolio must join the association. Each asset will have a property profile with accurate data. 

Member Benefits:

New Owner /Management Co. Member Dues: $250 $75 Set Up Fee (Additional Unit Assessment is priced per unit under the property form)

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