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TAA Click and Lease Program presented by Bluemoon

As an Owner Management Company Member in good standing with the association and their properties in the Greater Dallas Market, your company receives access to the Texas Apartment Associations Click and Lease Program. TAA Click and Lease Program is available through Blue Moon's website; the pricing for the program is available here.  

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TAA Click & Lease allows members access to the official TAA lease contracts, rental applications, and related leasing forms through an easy-to-use secure interface. TAA Click & Lease provides time-saving tools designed to streamline the leasing process, through:

  • automatic access to official TAA lease forms
  • online signature collection through E-signature services
  • online rental application services
  • access to over 100 REDBOOK forms
  • subscription to TAA's REDBOOK Online, a legal resource of articles, commentary and more
  • easy integration with property management software

TAA Click & Lease is offered exclusively to the Texas Apartment Association & Apartment Association of Greater Dallas members.

Key Benefits & Features

Save time, save money, save on legal costs by using industry-standard leasing forms, electronically enabled to make you more productive, integrate with your property management software, including e-signature functionality, and built-in document storage.

TAA Lease & Addendums Paper Forms Order

AAGD Members in good standing including Owners, Management Companies, and properties are able to purchase TAA Lease Forms in paper form directly from AAGD. Paper Forms Orders will only be available for purchase via the website: For tracking purposes, all orders will be shipped via UPS.

Starting January 1, 2024, AAGD will no longer sale full pads of forms. We will continue to sell The TAA Lease Forms and Addendums as Individual pages, with a maximum of 20 sheets of each form. Ex. 20 Apartment leases = 60 sheets/pages.

After submission of your Forms Order, we will contact you to confirm the order, total price, and shipping cost. (For tracking purposes, only UPS shipping is utilized). Shipping is not included in the Forms prices listed and depends on the location to be shipped.

TAA Update – Revised forms and new MLA available now

The latest update includes revisions to TAA’s lease and several addenda, as well as the new Master Lease Addendum. Revised forms include:

* Apartment Lease Contract
* Residential Lease Contract
* Condo/Townhome Lease Contract
* Rental Application
* Supplemental Rental Application for Units under Government-Regulated Affordable Housing
* Bed Bug Addendum
* Mold Information & Prevention Addendum

As a reminder, use of the new MLA is optional, and users will need to actively select it and deselect the standalone addenda it includes, if you prefer to use the consolidated form. If you need help doing that, please contact Blue Moon Software technical support. Please also note that revisions to the Spanish Apartment Lease, Rental Application and Supplemental Rental Application for Units Under Government-Regulated Affordable Housing are coming soon. These forms will be temporarily unavailable but should be updated in early January. For next steps, TAA will be making additional updates to sample management forms in the platform throughout January, with updates available in TAA Click & Lease and REDBOOK Online by the end of January. Questions If you have any content questions about forms revisions or the new MLA, please contact glenda@taa.org. For technical support, please e-mail support@bluemoonforms.com or call 800-772-1004.

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