How To Manage Your Supplier Company Membership

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The Apartment Association of Greater Dallas represents 700 Supplier Partner Members.

These members provide products, services, and supplies to residential properties and/or multifamily communities in the Greater Dallas market; see the eleven counties we represent. 

As a supplier, you have exclusive access to the second-largest local Multifamily Network in the country. 

As an AAGD member, ensuring the accuracy of your company member profile is the best way for you to gain the most from your membership by; stay in good standing with the association, maintain access to exclusive sponsorship opportunities, access to our advocacy, access to member events and classes. 

Below is information on: who manages the member company profile and how to verify your member company account.

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Current Members: 

  • Membership with AAGD is with the company and extended to the individuals that work for that company.
  • Each company has the option to select a main point of contact, a billing contact, and grant "management access" to multiple staff members that are not the main point of contact or billing contact. 
  • Each member company needs to provide AAGD with both a main point of contact and a billing contact. 
  • Staff can create their own individual profile and select their member company to gain access to their company membership. These individuals will not have management access to the company profile. 


How to Verify and Manage Your Account: 

We ask that the contacts with management access for their companies manage and verify their company details.

Please follow the check list below: 

  • Update your billing contact information
    • Please include an email for billing for invoices to be sent electronically.
  • Update your shipping address
  • Review list of staff
  • Areas of Expertise
    • These are the categories your company is listed. 
    • One category is included with membership
    • Each additional category is $75 each.