Rental Housing v. U.S. Government: Your Help is Critical

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Below is a letter from NAA to our members:

Good afternoon. Hope you and yours are safe and healthy. I’m writing to share an important message with you about NAA’s advocacy on behalf of the apartment industry.

As you know, NAA filed a lawsuit to stop the federal government from damaging rental housing again by making it pay for the damage it caused over the last year. A court victory has the further potential to prevent a federal takeover of private property from happening anymore. 

This is your opportunity to help the industry. 

Share information about the lawsuit including this flyer with your organization’s leadership as well as industry partners and colleagues to help spread the word to get more owners to join. 

With your help, we can help protect the future of the rental housing industry and ensure property owners have access to any dollars awarded through the lawsuit. 

Thanks for listening and for your continued commitment to our success.


Greg Brown

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs