Response to Winter Storm Aftermath

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The Apartment Association of Greater Dallas is actively working with our local cities and our members to address the ongoing effects of the winter storms last week. Our thoughts are with all Texans as they recover from the damages left from the storm.

Property damages are a result of a natural disaster

Our members are working tirelessly to fix the countless number of leaks and restore water to their communities. The damages caused by the winter storms are catastrophic. This is a natural disaster and is being treated as one by our members and the government. 

The life and safety of the residents is the number one priority of our members. We are working to fix the plumbing and physical damages to the apartment properties as swiftly as possible. 

Here are the factors impacting the timing of the repairs being completed:
  • The sheer number of leaks caused by the winter storm and the damages to the plumbing systems is greater than the number of workers available to work on the problems.
    • Maintenance teams are working 15-hour shifts to work to remedy the damages.
  • There is a shortage of plumbers.
    • There are more leaks than available plumbers.
    • Owner/Management Companies are bringing in plumbers from across the country to assist.
  • There is a shortage of parts.
    • The high demand for plumbing parts has created a shortage of parts.
  • There are different levels of damages done to the plumbing system, which impacts the remedy and timeline to resolve the damage.
  • As water is being restored, new leaks are being identified. The damages have not fully been fully discovered yet. This requires maintenance teams to do controlled releases of water to maintain and quickly find new leaks to repair without creating more damage as they work.

This story is ongoing. We are asking for patience and understanding from the community as our members and their maintenance teams are working round the clock to get water back to their residents and fix the damages to the units.

Here is what AAGD is doing to assist with the ongoing circumstances.
  • Working with local cities to get resources to impacted communities
  • Coordinating and connecting our supplier members with the city to assist with providing or delivering emergency resources
  • Working with our members to identify apartment communities in need of resources.
  • Connecting communication from the city to our member properties.

As we work with the city and our members, we will continue to post information and help assist get emergency resources out.

For information on emergency water distribution in Dallas, click here