AAGD Legal Webinar on CDC Eviction Order: How the order may impact our industry

Government Affairs Update,

On Thursday, September 17 AAGD held a legal webinar on the CDC’s latest order on evictions. Attorneys Jennifer Owen and Jerry Carlton discussed the order and how it may impact rental properties in North Texas.

The recording and presentation deck of the September 17 webinar are available below.



As we continue to monitor the developments surrounding the CDC Eviction Order, this seminar is to provide you with some general information that is not intended to be legal advice or supersede the advice or direction of local, state, or federal officials.

It is informational only as of September 17, 2020, and does not replace the advice of your own legal counsel.

The Apartment Association of Greater Dallas (”AAGD”) cannot provide you with legal advice.

Any opinions expressed by a presenter reflect that individual’s views and not those of the association.

This is a private recording for AAGD members. This is to not be used or redistributed by any third party.