AAGD Supports Shelters to Shutters with $80,000

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Shelters to Shutters comes to Dallas/Fort Worth with the support of the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas. The organization recognized the win-win opportunity to provide their member multifamily companies with a new pipeline of talent for their properties while also changing the lives of individuals and families in their local communities. AAGD’s leadership contributed $80,0000 of seed capital needed to bring S2S to the area.

“We are honored to have the support of AAGD and look forward to partnering closely with them. Leveraging their expertise in multifamily and their existing community engagement will allow us to hit the ground running in Dallas/Fort Worth and quickly stand up a program that will make a meaningful difference for all involved,” said David Williams, CEO of Shelters to Shutters.  

S2S partners with over 40 apartment management companies, such as Bell Partners, Dominium, IRT Living, IMT Residential, Middleburg Communities and Western Wealth Communities to support people experiencing situational homelessness with career training and opportunities for full time entry-level jobs with discounted housing at the same communities where they work. S2S provides each participant with ongoing training, mentoring and access to support services to ensure a successful long-term transition. The program changes the lives of individuals and families while providing quality, motivated employees for a rapidly growing industry in need of talent.

“S2S is not only doing important work in the community, but it is providing a solution to a growing problem for our industry, finding and retaining motivated talent,” commented Kin Oldham, Executive Director of AAGD. “AAGD represents companies that own and operate over 3,000+ properties. We are always in need of individuals who want to work in our industry. S2S gives us the opportunity to put good people to work for us and give a new lease on life for many who often get overlooked.

AAGD's Executive Director, Kin Oldham, will be among nine leaders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who will serve on the North Texas Advisory Board.

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About Shelters to Shutters

Shelters to Shutters is a national 501(c)(3) organization that transitions individuals and families at risk of or experiencing homelessness to economic self-sufficiency by providing employment, housing and career training opportunities in partnership with the real estate industry. Across the country, Shelters to Shutters pairs leading property management companies with individuals experiencing homelessness who are ready to work. The result is an innovative program that provides full-time employment and housing opportunities for individuals facing homelessness and a pipeline of high quality, motivated employees for the multifamily housing industry.