NextGen Open Meeting: AAGD Behind the Scenes

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AAGD Behind the Scenes - How Do We Help Our Members & Industry

Meeting Description

Join us, meet, and learn all the ins and outs of navigating your Association journey directly from the AAGD Staff!

This is a great opportunity for you to discover the behind-the-scenes at AAGD, the second-largest apartment association in the nation, and how we operate to help our members, network, communicate, educate, and advocate. You will also have the chance to meet other industry professionals who want to be involved or that already are involved to better their organization and their career growth through their Association involvement.

We look forward to seeing you get more informed, connected, and vested in our industry with AAGD.

BUT WAIT, this is not all that is happening that day!

Right after the meeting, we will be hosting the "Members Welcoming Members- Social" at Pinstack, Las Colinas. Registration is required to attend the Social!  

Click Here to RSVP for the New Member Social on March 6, 2024

Our AAGD Staff:

  • Executive Director: Kin Oldham
  • VP of Membership and Business Development: Val Thurwanger
  • Director of Meetings and Events: Paula Kelley
  • Director of Training and Education: Travis Allen
  • Education Programs Coordinator: Alice Vivian
  • Education & Digital Media Specialist: Caroline Cobb
  • Membership Services Relations Specialist: Jasmine Garcia
  • Membership Services Relations Specialist: Edith Ayala
  • Director of Marketing and Communications: Chelsea Lindstrom
  • Brand and Marketing Manager: Sam Bates
  • Director of Government Affairs: Jason Simon
  • Controller: Chris Weems
  • Member Accounts Manager: Secilee Powell

Event Sold Out
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This meeting is open to all AAGD Members