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The ROI of Belonging: Building Belonging in YOUR Workplace - Live Webinar

Friday, May 14, 2021
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM (CDT)
Category: Education

Instructed by: Bradley Roschyk, CAM, CAPS, NAAEI Faculty

Recommended for:  Regional and Property Managers


Class Description: Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging; we’ve heard the terms, how can we create the culture?  If our Teams are going to thrive, and we’re going to create a culture of trust and high performance, we have to be willing to think about, talk about, and engage in discussions about diversity and inclusion, and more importantly we have to take consistent actions to create, maintain, and expand an environment where everyone on the Team and in our organization feels a true sense of belonging.

In this program, you will gain practical knowledge on the many aspects of Diversity; why Inclusion is important to businesses growth and performance; and why focusing on Belonging is fundamental to our bottom line.  You will discover the Leader’s and the Team Member’s Role in Inclusion and Belonging and What your Team can do to create a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging.

In this class you will learn:

  • The differences of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging and why it is important to focus on all three.
  • Why it is difficult to create environments of “real” inclusion and belonging.
  • Why Inclusion matters in creating a strong culture, attracting and retaining talent, and performing at the highest level.
  • What everyone can do to create a true sense of Belonging.

About the instructor: Bradley Roschyk, CAM, CAPS, NAAEI Faculty
Bradley is currently a Training Director with Berkshire Communities in Dallas, Texas.  With a passion for training and education, he has held numerous training positions throughout his career.  At the age of 18, Bradley began his career as a Training Lead at Six Flags.  He continued his education and training efforts at numerous other companies until he started in the Multi-family industry 19 years ago, beginning with leasing and working his way through management, until he reached his current position as training director.  Bradley holds designations from NAAEI for CAM and CAPS and is currently a faculty member of NAAEI.  He is a very involved person and has served as a member of the Education Committee for the past eleven years at AAGD where he has instructed numerous education, personal development, and NAAEI Certification courses for the Association.

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