Tax Appraisal Information For AAGD Districts

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  • The appraisal notice and protest process is under review and the timetable has not yet been determined. 
  • Once appraisal notices are released, the protest deadline will be 30 days from that date for everyone, regardless of whether a notice was mailed to you. 
  • When notices are mailed the county also places all notices on our website for all accounts. 
  • The county will update this alert and our recent headlines with the timetable when it has been determined. 
  • DCAD would encourage all property owners and agents to conduct business using DCAD's Online Programs which allows filing of BPP Renditions and Homestead Exemption Applications. DCAD will be able to review and process these Online Filings while our offices are closed due to the current health crisis.


Real Estate Appraisal Notices: 

  • Mailing date delayed until May 15, 2020.
  • Protest deadline for notices mailed May 15th will be June 15th. 
  • The county will mail appraisal notices to all real properties, as they do each year. 
  • Appraised Values are as of January 1st statutory requirement.

The Collin County Appraisal District will not conduct in-person meetings:

  • If the owner disagrees with the Notice of Appraised Value, they will need to file a protest with the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) via our online eFile system or in writing by mail. 
  • After the ARB support staff schedules a protest hearing, an appraiser and/or an exemptions manager will review the protest. 
  • Information and discussions with District staff will be handled through our eFile system, by telephone or by mail. If the District’s staff and owner reach an agreement electronically via our eFile system or in writing, prior to the date of the scheduled protest hearing, the ARB hearing will be canceled. 
  • If there is not an agreement prior to the scheduled protest hearing, the owner will need to proceed with their ARB hearing. APPRAISAL REVIEW BOARD (ARB): The Appraisal Review Board is working on procedures for the 2020 protest hearings. Currently, the preliminary schedule is to begin hearings around July 6th.


FAQ’s for the 2020 Protest Season

 If the office is closed to the public, how will I be able to protest my appraisal notice this year?

  1. eFile at (quickest and most efficient way).
  2. Email your protest form to
  3. Mail your protest form to PO Box 50747, Denton, TX 76206.
  4. Place your protest form in the drop box at 3911 Morse St, Denton.  

Who should I call to schedule an appointment for an informal discussion?    

You will not need to call anyone this year. After filing a protest form in one of the four ways listed above, an appraiser will call you!  

What if I miss my call back (informal), or need to reschedule my hearing?

Not a problem! Please send us an email at and someone will reach back out to you. 

What if I have a closing statement, should I present that to an appraiser?

Yes! Along with filling out a protest form, please provide us with a copy of your recent closing documents (after 01/01/19) or your recent fee appraisal (after 01/01/19), this will help to determine a market value for the property. This can be done through eFile, email or regular mail. 

If the office is closed to the public, will I still be able to go in front of the Appraisal Review Board?

Yes! Appraisal Review Board hearings will be done via telephone and via online video conferencing this year. You will be presented with more details, once you have filed a protest form and have been scheduled for an ARB hearing.

How will my value be determined this year?

The value of your property will be determined as of January 1, 2020. Denton CAD utilizes a combination of the Cost, Market, and Income Approaches to value your property. In the informal or formal meeting, we will likely present a Comp Grid that will calculate the value of your property based on sales of comparable properties, or appraised values of comparable properties.  

Are you going to factor COVID-19 into my appraised value for 2020?

Denton CAD calculates the market value of all properties as of January 1st each year. As of 01/01/20, COVID-19 was not a factor in the US or Texas real estate market. Any effects that COVID-19 may have on the real estate market will be reflected next year.

How will I be able to present evidence to the Appraisal Review Board?

In order to make sure your evidence is ready for your hearing, we strongly recommend creating an account via This will allow you to add comments, upload evidence and track your case as it progresses. Evidence can also be submitted through email or mail. 

How will I use the eFile portal? 

Registration is quick and easy! Go to: You can use your existing Google/Facebook/Twitter account so you don’t have to keep track of yet another password. Once you’ve created your account, you can go ahead and link your property to your account. Once your notice arrives, a 4-digit “eFile PIN” will be displayed in the upper right corner. Please use this to verify your property and begin your appeals process. The system walks you through it step by step, if you do have an issue please email