2021 Municipal Election Results

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*Wins are highlighted in bold.

May 1 Municipal Election Results

May 1 was election day for most North Texas cities. AAGD endorsed 24 candidates for mayor and city council in seven cities – 14 candidates won, four candidates lost, and six candidates advanced to the runoff election.

As expected, voter turnout was very low. In Collin County, turnout reached close to 15%, and in Denton County, less than 9% of voters turned out. In Dallas County, fewer than 10 percent of voters cast a ballot even though all 14 city council seats in the City of Dallas were up for grabs.

City of Dallas

District 1: Councilmember Chad West won with 52%
District 3: Councilmember Casey Thomas won with 82%
District 5: Councilmember Jaime Resendez won with 51%
District 8: Councilmember Tennell Atkins won with 73%
District 9: Councilmember Paula Blackmon won with 63%
District 10: Councilmember Adam McGough won with 90%
District 12: Councilmember Cara Mendelsohn won with 81%


Mayor: John Muns won with 52%
Place 2: Steve Lavine lost with 47%
Place 8: Elisa Klein lost with 47%


Mayor: Mayor George Fuller won with 67%


Mayor: Mayor Scott LeMay won with 77%
District 1: Jeff Bass won with 74%


Mayor: TJ Gilmore won with 53%
Place 3: Ronni Cade won with 53%


District 2: City Councilmember John Ryan lost with 46%
District 1: City Councilmember Birdia Johnson lost with 35%


Place 1: City Councilmember Steve Babick won with 67%


June 5 Runoff Results

On June 5, several cities across North Texas held runoff elections for city council. The AAGD PAC endorsed nine candidates who advanced to the runoff following the May 1 General Election. As expected, turnout was low with 9% of registered voters casting a ballot in Dallas County and only 6% in the City of Dallas. In Collin County, voter turnout reached nearly 12% of all registered voters. Overall, six AAGD PAC-endorsed candidates won their runoff races and three lost.

City of Dallas

District 2: Sana Syed lost with 43%
District 4: Carolyn King Arnold won with 55%
District 11: Jaynie Schultz won with 54%
District 13: Leland Burk lost with 46%
District 14: Councilmember David Blewett lost with 39%


Place 7: Rusty Pendleton won with 53%


District 3: Ed Moore won with 64%


Place 4: Julie Holmer won with 54%
Place 7: Kayci Prince won with 56%