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Virtual Rapport: Leasing During a Pandemic - Live Webinar

Tuesday, June 8, 2021
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM (CDT)
Category: Apartment Academy

Instructed by: Staci Hasman and Cayce Coon

Recommended for: Leasing Professionals


Class Description: Virtual leasing has been around the corner for years and slowly made its way into our offices.  Then in 2020, virtual leasing became more than a trend, it became a necessary reality.  While many of us miss the “good ole days” of in-person leasing, we can see the benefits and opportunities that virtual leasing affords, if done properly.  Join Staci and Travis as they explore best practices and discuss new ideas on how to make the most of your virtual experiences.  Just because there is a screen between you and your prospect, doesn’t mean the rapport can’t be developed.

In this class you will learn

  • Ways to effectively build rapport from behind a screen and even a mask
  • How to feel comfortable asking qualifying questions and overcoming objections that didn’t exist before
  • Ways to throw it back and feel like 2019 all over again

About the instructor: Cayce Coon

About the instructor: Staci Hasman

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