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May 2022 Rooflines

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Date posted 05/1/2022

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April 2022 Rooflines

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Date posted 04/1/2022

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March 2022 Rooflines

2022 Texas Primary Election Results

Date posted 03/1/2022

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February 2022 Rooflines

Meet our 2022 AAGD Committee Chair and learn what you need to know about the March 2022 election.

Date posted 02/1/2022

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January 2022 Rooflines

Welcome to our 2022 Leadership!

Date posted 01/1/2022

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December 2021 Rooflines

As we head into the holiday season, we reflect on the accomplishments, leadership, and fun in 2021.

Date posted 12/1/2021

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November 2021 Rooflines

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Date posted 11/1/2021

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October 2021 Rooflines

Celebrate Excellence! Find the 2021 Sapphire Awards Finalists on page 33. Then, turn to page 21 to read how AAGD is Making and Impact with Members of Congress.

Date posted 10/1/2021

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September 2021 Rooflines

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Date posted 09/1/2021

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August 2021 Rooflines

Can't Beat the Heat of the Greater Dallas Market! Two must-read articles; Greater Dallas Stays Hot through Early Summer - page 17 and Why Multifamily is the Most Attractive Class - page 34.

Date posted 08/1/2021

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July 2021 Rooflines

There are millions of dollars available in rental assistance in state and local programs. AAGD is helping its members navigate the path to payment by providing information and, in some cases facilitating on-site events.

Date posted 07/1/2021

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June 2021 Rooflines

The results are in! The AAGD PAC Endorsed 27 Municipal Candidates. See the results.

Date posted 06/1/2021

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