AAGD Compensation Survey

J Turner Research was engaged by the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas (AAGD) to conduct a survey of compensation and benefits offered to personnel in the apartment industry. The surveys were emailed to one person in each company on a list provided by the association. The surveys inquired into benefits and compensation of various positions along with the number of units managed and tenure at the company.

The larger companies were given the option to upload their responses in a spreadsheet to make it convenient and less time-consuming. A total of 12 companies responded to the survey.

This report breaks down the base compensation and bonus based on the number of units managed and the tenure at their current company.

The appendix has cross tabs of all data.

For additional questions please contact Joseph Batdorf at jbatdorf@jturnerresearch.com or (281) 558-4840 ext. 300


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