Notice of Change for Membership Structure & Dues Billing

This is an important notice of a change to all our members to inform all Owners, Management Companies, and Suppliers of our Membership Structure &  NEW Dues Billing process.

This structure will take effect immediately for all new members and will go into effect October 1, 2020 for all renewal dues.  

The AAGD Board of Directors has approved the following change in the member and dues billing structure. The goal of this change is to simplify and improve our dues process for our members and team.

Our Membership Types

Supplier Partner Members offer goods or services to our industry.

Owner/Management Companies Members own/operate/develop residential properties and/or multifamily communities in the Greater Dallas market; see the eleven counties we represent. O/M companies are the primary member for all properties will use to access membership. To be in good standing, the companies entire property portfolio, in the greater Dallas market, must join.

Properties are inherited members through an O/M Member and only have access to TAA Leases and Forms if the owner/ management company is an AAGD member, in good standing.

Dues Structure and Billing Details:

  • All member dues are annual; billed and paid once a year.
  • The dues invoice is to be paid in the assigned anniversary month.
  • All Owner/ Management or Supplier Member dues will be sent directly to their company.
  • NEW! Each Property will receive an individual invoice, based on property unit count.
  • NEW! Invoice for Property Dues will be sent directly to the property from AAGD.
  • NEW! Properties will pay dues on the property’s anniversary month. The anniversary date will not change, even if the owner/management company changes.

New Dues Breakdown

O/M Member Dues


If O/M Sustaining Member


Property Dues 100 units or less

$0 + # units ($1.67 per unit)

Property Dues 101+ units

$75 + # units ($1.37 per unit)

Supplier Dues


If Patron Member


National Apartment Association Dues Increase

As an AAGD member, your company is a member of the Texas Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association. AAGD pays membership dues to TAA and NAA on your behalf. In June, the NAA Board of Directors and Assembly of Delegates voted to 2-part due increase over five years.

The dues increase will be directly passed through in all AAGD Membership Dues invoice. The first increase is a $.02 per unit increase and a $1 increase for supplier members starting in January 2021. The increase is reflected in the AAGD dues chart above. For full details on the increases and program enhancements, read more here