National Apartment Association Dues Increase

As an AAGD member, your company is a member of the Texas Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association. AAGD pays membership dues to TAA and NAA on your behalf. Below is the current dues AAGD pays on your behalf. 

Texas Apartment Association (TAA):
  • Owner Management: $47 per member and $.15 per unit
  • Supplier Member: $57 per member
National Apartment Association (NAA): 
  • Owner Management: $.47 per unit
  • Supplier Member: $30 per member
National Apartment Association Dues Increase effective January 1, 2021 

The NAA Board of Directors & Assembly of Delegates voted in favor of increasing unit and suppliers’ dues (part-1) effective January 1, 2021. The additional dues will fund new initiatives and tackle the future needs and challenges of the industry. The increase of $0.07 per unit (over 5-years) and the $1 per supplier increase, are dedicated to expanded member services such as federal advocacy on issues specific to rental housing operations, market research, industry operations white papers/best practices, expanded affiliate resource services, and the client solutions center. It will also assist our federation to grow our collective impact into the future.

During the same meeting, it was also approved a $0.05 special assessment to fund housing affordability initiatives (part-2), These initiatives will include key messaging development, mobilization activities, as well as state and local affiliate support to combat rent control via legislative and/or ballot initiatives. This special assessment will begin on January 1, 2022 and sunset after 5-years (December 31, 2026).

The phased dues increase (part-1) and special assessment (part-2) to fund housing affordability initiatives will be reflected in all AAGD’s invoices as a Membership Dues pass-through increase as scheduled by NAA (below) to all our members and the 2021 dues increase is already included in the new structure and Dues Billing assessment above.                                                      

Part 1: Per Unit & Supplier Dues Increase- Beginning January 2021                                    

Per-unit dues will increase by $0.07 in a tiered manner over a period of 5 years (2021-2025). The cost of increase per unit per year is shown below.       

  • 2020   $.47         
  • 2021   $.49         
  • 2022   $.50   
  • 2023   $.51 
  • 2024   $.53
  • 2025   $.54        

Supplier Dues will increase by $1.00 starting in 2021                                                              

Part 2: Special Unit Assessment- Beginning January 2022                              

A $0.05 per unit dues assessment will be implemented beginning January 2022 through December 2026 to fund housing affordability efforts.