AAGD 2022 Membership Dues

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All increases in dues reflect the National Apartment Association's dues increases. The details of their 5-year dues increase program can be found here

2022 Dues Breakdown

O/M Member Dues


If O/M Sustaining Member


Property Dues 100 units or less

$0 + # units ($1.73 per unit)

Property Dues 101+ units

$75 + # units ($1.43 per unit)

Supplier Dues


If PSC Patron Member


The 2022 per unit increase is already accounted in the table above. The per-unit increase expected for the next 4 years is shown below:

  • 2022   $.06 increase (includes part 2 of unit assessment that will sunset in 2026)
  • 2023   $.01 increase
  • 2024   $.01 increase
  • 2025   $.01 increase


State, Local & National Membership

As an AAGD member, your company is a member of the Texas Apartment Association and the National Apartment Association, AAGD pays membership dues to TAA and NAA on your behalf.

How do my dues break down in cost for the three memberships?

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