2021 Multifamily Fee Survey

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2021 Fee Survey

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The results for the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas’ twenty-fourth annual survey of municipal fees for the 2021 fiscal year are in. The survey is a study of fees and other charges that multi-family properties are required to pay in their respective cities.

New this year, this survey includes key information for single-family rental properties within the AAGD service area. Specifically, the survey details fees for licensing, inspections, and utility rates for single-family rental properties.

The rate structure for water and sewer can be confusing and difficult to compare, since each city differs in the way the charges are calculated. Each city was asked to calculate the cost based on the average consumption of 50,000 gallons of water and sewer.

Water continues to be the most valuable commodity cities have to offer. While several cities have kept rates equal to last year, a number of cities across the AAGD service area have continued to increase fees, including Carrollton, Dallas, Frisco and Plano.

Monthly trash rates are another variable, with the frequency of pick-ups per week and the size of the container contributing to the overall cost. We have provided the rates for an average property. Many cities kept rates equal to last year, so you will not have to budget for any notable trash rate increases this year.

It is our hope that you will find these figures useful when comparing operating costs between cities. Please direct all questions or comments regarding the survey to the AAGD Government Affairs Department.