Legal services program

As life grows more complicated and our businesses become more vulnerable, the needs for efficient, knowledgeable, and reasonable legal counseling become much more important to all of us. AAGD, in conjunction with our attorney members, has developed an exciting new Legal Services Program. This program is available to all AAGD members, owner/management companies as well as our products and services members.

When you enroll in the program, you will receive a brochure describing the Program and providing information about the attorneys participating in the Program and a description of their practices. Membership entitles you to telephone consultations with a participating attorney, up to 15 minutes in duration, at a reduced rate.

An annual membership fee of $50.00 will be paid to AAGD to cover processing and billing expenses. Once enrolled, you will be billed for this fee automatically as part of your annual dues. You may discontinue the program by simply not paying the renewal fee. Each member will be placed on a master list and assigned a "P I N" as an identifier when calling the attorneys.

For more information contact Membership at 972-739-9513 or by email: