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  • AAGD Fall Membership Drive

    Open Your Doors of Influence - You Hold the Key!

    The 2014 AAGD Fall Membership Drive started September 1st and will continue through November 30th. This year our membership Drive will be more exciting with new cash prizes and more opportunities to win big! Our goal is to bring in 100 new members during the 90 day Drive. Everyone that is a current member of the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas should participate in the AAGD Membership Drive. New members are the “lifeblood” of the Association.

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  • TAA Click & Lease

    Update on TAA Click & Lease interruption and next steps

    As users of the TAA and NAA Click & Lease forms program are aware, the program experienced an interruption when the web address used for these services was hijacked. All traffic to the this web address was illegally diverted and misdirected to a website that displays spam advertisements. This action is similar to someone fraudulently filing a change of address notice with the post office and forwarding your mail to a new address.

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  • AAGD serving all of north Texas since 1959

    Communication, Education and Legislation

    The Apartment Association of Greater Dallas (AAGD) is made up of a wide variety of businesses, including the rental property owners and management companies, with more than 1,900 properties representing over 478,000 units in the eleven counties in the north Texas area, as well as 700 companies that provide professional services and quality products to the property owners and management companies.

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