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Traditional package management solutions (lockers and basic package rooms) are yesterday's news because:
> Online orders are growing at 22% per year - locker systems aren't easily scalable
> Large package size is growing at 12% - locker sizes are fixed
> Couriers are package dumping

Smart Package Room by Position Imaging solves the dilemma providing an easy to use solution to deliver, track and manage packages into one secured space with 24/7 access.

Key benefits:
> Highest package capacity - 2 to 3 times more packages in same space
> Package size agnostic - flat, standard, oversized packages along with all types of food delivery and dry cleaning accommodated in the same secured space
> Easily Scalable
> High courier adoption rate - quick delivery (15-20 seconds per package), no resident lookup (OCR technology reads shipping label), easy (simply place packages on any open shelf)
> Coolest amenity for residents - 24/7 QR code room access with laser guidance directing resident to their package(s)
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Ann Hamilton

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