• Apartment Association of Greater Dallas (AAGD)
    Social Media Policy

    This Apartment Association of Greater Dallas Social Media Policy applies to all association staff, volunteers, and members. The purpose of AAGD’s website and all related AAGD social media is to encourage our staff, volunteers, and members to engage in communities centered around Association Business, Events, and Communications. AAGD’s social media tools serve as an outlet to build relationships, increase learning, and to acknowledge our volunteers and members. This policy also seeks to protect AAGD’s integrity, image, and reputation with regards to social media.

    •The official website for the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas is www.aagdallas.com and is the “all-inclusive foundation” on which all social media communication is based.

    •Promotions & postings for any and all AAGD events need to be “linked” to the AAGD website for event information and registrations. No AAGD member may represent that the member is a registration contact for any AAGD event.

    •No person may use AAGD’s social media outlets as a way to advertise the person’s company unless approved by AAGD authorized staff. Likewise, no associate, volunteer, or member may use the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas (AAGD) trademark or name when creating a fan page, group, profile or any other social media avenue without prior written consent of authorized AAGD staff. However, generally a member may identify on the member’s own webpage or profile the member’s membership in AAGD and participation in AAGD activities and events without obtaining prior written consent.

    •Any “official” AAGD social media outlet (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) must be coordinated, maintained and have an AAGD staff member listed as administrator.

    •AAGD will regulate usage of AAGD’s social media. All provisions relate to print, photo, video, audio and other media postings.

    In connection with discussions and postings, to ensure exchanges that are productive, informative, respectful of diverse viewpoints and lawful, we will review all comments and we will exclude or remove inappropriate comments primarily based upon the guidelines below.

    We will exclude comments not related to the topic.

    We will exclude comments appearing to be intended to sell a product or service, or to drive traffic to a website for personal, political, or monetary gain.

    We expect commenters to refrain from personal attacks or being disrespectful of others. Malicious intent and or participation not in the spirit of civil conversation will be excluded.

    We intend to follow applicable laws, including those that govern use of copyrights, trade secrets and confidential information, and we expect posters to do the same.

    We will exclude comments including but not limited to, profane or provocative language. We will not tolerate hateful, racially or ethnically offensive or derogatory content, threats, obscene or sexually explicit language.

    If a comment is not excluded initially, we may remove it later if we deem it inappropriate.

    Please do not provide any of your specific account details or other personal information. If you have immediate service needs, please contact AAGD directly.

    Social media and online advertising is an evolving area that will require frequent policy updates.
    AAGD reserves the right to change this policy in its sole discretion at any time without notice.

    Although not every type of social media is (or could) be specifically addressed in this policy, these guiding principles apply to all.

    Disclaimer: You (association staff member, volunteer, or member) are responsible for your own content. Any violations of this policy rest solely on the associate, volunteer, or member who commits the infraction. Any comments or opinions posted to any of the AAGD social media tools are not necessarily that of the Association. AAGD shall have the right to exercise remedies against any person violating these policies, including, without limitation, the right to exclude the person from access to and use of AAGD’s social media. No person shall have any claim that AAGD’s policies, or AAGD’s enforcement or lack of enforcement of them, create any legal right against AAGD.