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    Through education, communication, and legislation, the AAGD provides resources to rental housing owners and operators that assists them in developing and maintaining quality rental housing.

    In partnership with the Texas Apartment Association (TAA) and the National Apartment Association, AAGD communicates regularly with our members about changes in city ordinances and requirements; state laws and regulations; and federal statutes and rules that govern rental property.

    In most instances, resident and landlord disputes are based on provisions contained within a lease agreement. AAGD member properties use the TAA Lease. You are encouraged to carefully read, understand, and maintain a copy of your TAA lease. Give special attention to lease paragraphs regarding lease term, rent amount, rent due dates, non-renewal notice, deposits, and maintenance requests.

    Resident Complaint Form

    To help you further understand the TAA lease contract, you might want to watch the TAA Lease Contract Overview.

    TAA Lease Contract Overview in English

    TAA Lease Contract Overview in Spanish

    If you have a problem with your landlord, you are encouraged to first contact them and attempt to resolve the situation.