• The Apartment Industry faces an increasing vulnerability to legislative action taken by Local, State and Federal government. We are under attack daily by governmental agencies who want to increase taxes and fees for our industry; who want to increase regulation of our industry; and who want to enact laws that make the management of our properties difficult at best. 

    The AAGD Legislative Committee works on a local, state and national level to insure that our voice is heard on issues and laws that would seriously impact the health of our industry.

    There’s strength in numbers and because AAGD represents almost 470,000 rental units in our service area, we speak with a voice that cannot be ignored. We are recognized as an effective player in the political arena, at all three levels of government.

    The goal of the AAGD Legislative Committee is to make certain that association members are guaranteed the opportunity to provide the highest quality rental housing in the most favorable political environment possible.